Commercial Approach

Within the competitive market of online stores based on osCommerce, there are two things that are fundamental in maintaining a good ROI (Return on Investment) Search Engine Optimization or SEO: It is essential that search engine optimization is concerned with the act OsCommerce PHP source code of how to integrate key elements such as custom title, meta description and keywords tags, alt text on images, product name in URL, etc, etc, etc. To achieve this major surgery is necessary to known motor trade and in its standard version does not include this type of optimizations. A good choice for this is the basis for the use of the Header Tags Controller AddOn downloadable from the site of osCommerce. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of Larry Ellison on most websites. This should get better placements in search engines and expand the search criteria for all our products. But the issue does not end there, and this is where it becomes important to the second point. We do not take anything with being very well positioned in Google for example if our system is tedious when buying, as in OsCommerce original version. This requires for example have a user account and pass through at least two pages of forms to create an account and thus to make the purchase, that is where the second point in question: A good business orientation: Our e-commerce system OsCommerce based not only be attractive and easy to navigate but it must also allow the generation of quick purchases or quotes without going to create a user account or we will have high rates of desertion. A good solution is to add two buttons near the ADD TO CART to say something like: QUOTE PRODUCT and Quick.

It must act in all ways the source code by adding two pages, one for quick purchase and the other to list, asking the user the minimum information and payment and shipping and then send an email to the store with the rest of the info: product, price, quantity, etc.. That is going through POST or GET to these pages. We tested and contacts users increased by more than 90%! It is obvious that if you want us to implement these improvements to your site can contact you or who enjoy and that if you do increase your store sales, whether or if. Luck and sell!

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