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That is true for its top management as well. Would you like to see 80% of them hit the road and be replaced by people with skills and values that are similar to the 20% produce 80% of the results. Avoid the costly mistake of hiring’re about to do is enough to make you mourn, because you simply want someone who can handle the responsibilities of work, and we’ll pay well for their services. To complicate matters, in considering the senior management and executive staff, a large part of its responsibility as a leader. You’re not looking for a technical expert, whose skills are easily gradual, which is now in the gray area called soft-skills horrible. Can you really evaluate the leadership skills and the ability of a person to function effectively under the stress of a curriculum vitae, interviews and personality tests? Look around for testing. The worst part is that despite the volume of different paper tests, interview techniques and assessment tools, still make mistakes in their hiring decisions. However, these errors are easy to identify in advance, but not with the existing passive methods.

Bad hiring decisions cost huge amounts of money and frustration and resulting inefficiency. Studies show that the cost of turnover is three times the annual salary of the worker replaced. However, if you could make more informed hiring decisions, especially when they fill their leadership positions of greater remuneration, but will have the opposite effect. You begin to reap the monetary benefits and efficiency in an upward spiral. What is needed is an advanced evaluation tool. To verify that someone can swim by putting them into the pool. To verify that someone can be carried by putting on a stage of real leadership. Like the group stage characteristics of leadership does not have to match exactly work.

For swimming, you need enough water at a distance long enough. To lead, you need a task, a computer, the real tension and real consequences, such as those found on the main Concept Ranger TLC Experience. This use of the polygraph to identify the true leader This is his leadership new lie detector, and is legal. It’s like having former head of the candidate sitting next to him pointing out exaggerations and lies. Put your top management candidates at this stage of leadership and gives you the ability assessment in conjunction with other tools to avoid costly mistakes and trust in people they hire. To learn more about team building and how immersion leadership training can help visit:

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