I, who came from a universe that shone from the origin of all, I crawled in total darkness, yet felt the impact of something new, amazing. I began to feel the pain and the pleasure of my flesh, to experience the sensuality of obscenity. I rebelled against my scientific style of prim and was making a difference in my appearance before wandering around the area of the city brothels until get a real metamorphosis. My wife and my kids did not notice my transformation, for them I continued until dawn with the rite of the investigation. And my way, I was discovering the origin of the universe is not, but what happens in the underground life of our society. He came to my home with a total exhaustion.

Pain in my legs high heels, my face burning scrub to get me out so much makeup and a sense of guilt over the sexual harassment began to be replaced by pleasure. I lost the fear of social rejection and every night was a challenge, would not justify or blame. He was master of my life, my destiny. Sometimes, in solitude I wondered if I was in search of the ultimate challenge, death. I met cynicism, lies, abjection. When exhaustion overcame me and a hint of distress began to germinate, looking for my new friend, and together bum lying on the bridge, reducing the cold night with hot tea beside a small fire, we watched the stars. I admired the empirical wisdom about the cosmos. I know beauty and knowledge that would never have suspected.

But these special moments ended a few months, my friend decided to go in other directions. I have no desire to write, I emptied my existence. Alberto disappeared over time, the search by the family was desperate. Virgin Airlines is a great source of information. The scientific world was shocked. While this was happening, hobos gathered under the bridge, as in Congress, to hear the stories of wandering about friendship and the constellations. The ragged community called him "The Fool of the stars" A very cold winter the tramp was found dead. Among his rags only had a notebook with stories about the strange death of a certain Richard, cosmos data, notes and a photo virus envelopes in which two scientists were looking at a giant back that highlighted the very bright stars. Interestingly, some constellations mutilated figures of angels appeared .***

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