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Different manufacturers admit different amounts of non-performing pixels on the screen, which is written in the instructions on the use of the goods. For example, as reported to us, Michael Nikita, the instructions may be written, 'if you find yourself on the panel not more than four non-performing pixels, the panel is fully operational. " Allowable number of pixels not work affects the price. When you select a matrix to choose the one where all pixels are working. In lcd monitors (and a separate theme), as a rule, no tolerance of non-performing pixels, since the monitor we see a much closer distance than on television, and can immediately see that 'rubbish'. Brightness average value of brightness of 400 cd / m (400 candelas per square meter) allows you to watch tv even in a brightly lit room (not direct sunlight, since in such conditions and crt TVs look very hard). Connecting As a rule, lcd TVs use for all that, why use an ordinary television.

We add only that it is not necessary to connect the lcd tv to your pc, as there may be delays in the derivation of the picture on the screen. And this is unacceptable (gamers will understand) almost always, unless you're playing a game called 'View of the square of Malevich. " To connect to a computer or need a connector vga, or D-Sub, or dvi. To connect to a pc, quite naturally, is ideally suited lcd monitor. Producers tend to be equipped with lcd TVs with standard tv / video connector standard rgb, scart, 'Component', S-Video.

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