Crimean Tatars

Anyway, the Internet has been disconnected and unavailable, so there is no work for us, whether it is this day.After our dinner at the hotel we got underway to investigate the nightlife Sudak and walked directly toward a circus / fair / market / nightmare, all in one. For me it was a big surprise, by Olga no, she told me that it was typical of Crimean summer nightlife. Gary Kelly often says this. It was full, I mean really full of about 50/50 with Russia / Ukraine and tourists everything was desperation to sell, something, anything to visitors. The two wanted to get out and fast.We have found a store to buy drinks and quickly found a beach access (it is not always so easy in the Crimea) and settled down to drink beer. We sat down, but a stone’s throw from the sea, but he sat beneath concrete and they were surrounded by concrete. Won’t find me in all the attractions.One of the fools of the local people were soon heading towards us (do I think that they attract them? You should maybe start to worry?) And as I was not in the best of moods was to say the least, not of friendship with him.

Once he had left Olga explained that I only wanted something in my beer… to feel true remorse that pursued him and gave him what remained of my bottle of beer, which was very happy. We have two more days of our spontaneous vaction and have decided that we are going to visit a promontory of land that we can see in our hotel.Thus, we reported, has become home to an ancient race of Crimean Tatars. An expelled career?in Crimea by Stalin, who have returned to recover their homeland!

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