Customer Loyalty On A Herbal Basis

Houseplants not only beautiful out see filtering also pollutants from the air. As a promotional item so the best evidence that you are concerned about the well-being of your customers. Houseplants not only beautiful out see you filter also pollutants out of the air and improve the indoor climate, provide humidity and produce oxygen. As a promotional item so the best evidence that you are concerned about the well-being of your customers. The positive effect of plants is scientifically proven.

An improvement of the psychosocial State of employees as a result of plants was found in rooms. In many offices, better climate is urgently needed. Stress due to sustained tension, office buildings and poor indoor climate by the simplicity of gray modern, is still being reinforced. Many employees complain about headaches and tiredness. Plants counteract here several times because it almost completely return, for example, the water, with which they are cast to their environment. Houseplants swallow but also pollutants and dust from printers and copiers! Surveys show that employees in Green Office happy and balanced work. How to use plants as advertising the advertising articles market offers various products from the plants. The advantage for you as a company is obvious: A plant needs time to grow and daily care.

With their slogan, for example, on a plant pot, you are perceived repeatedly over a long period of time, by the customer! Here are some examples of product: dibber pure nature: the planting dice made of real spruce planted directly with the added sunflower seeds and peat pellet and can follow the purest natural spectacle on the desk. Advertise on the surrounding label space is also a laser of the cube with logo or message is possible. Individual from 250 units 4-c. Dimensions: 4 x 4 x 4, diameter 3 cm weight: approx. 29 g advertising space: Banderole 17,5 x 4 cm, all around, printing laser engraving 4 x 4 cm (one side): completely individually in 4 c euro scale digital printing and laser engraving possible.

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