Customer Relationship Management

the best form to leak has two approaches, the technique and the legal one. In the state of Massachusetts, for example, it has requirement of criptografar the data, so that to leak itself they are inteligveis' '. Independently of this care, the strategical manager of data has the main paper to manage strategical priorities related to the governana and management of data, beyond having responsibilities for politics, general standards of data, and to guarantee narrow contribution enters the strategy of the organization and the questions come back toward data, as well as the total tack to the national regulatory standards. In this context Manoel Dutra bes situated, that answers for the area of Governana de Dados of the HSBC Bank Brazil, institution that even left to the front creating an activity that in Brazil still is incipient, because, according to Dutra, ' ' the organizations have difficulties in perceiving that it has problems with management, quality and integrity of its data. When the organization to understand and to prioritize this question and mainly to treat its data as active, these difficulties desaparecero' '. Emphasizing the importance this professional also in public agencies, Opice Blum remembers to the quarrels of a draft bill of treatment and protection of data, that deals with the privacy in the use of data and more than demands the creation of a responsible manager for the database of companies with 200 employees (the complete text in elaboration can be found in). To these specific papers of a professional in formation in our country, Miriam Bretzke? teacher of FGV-SP and PUC-SP. Founder of the Bretzke Consultoria? she adds plus some: ' ' the manager will have the function to take care of of the brought up to date protocols of the data, to define routines of validation of entrance of new data and to increase the control of the efficient management of CRM (Customer Relationship Management), with creation of routines effective of treatment and update and verification of dados' '.

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