Dealing With Debts

Though it sounds simple, the majority of people invests long time in dealing with this issue. Intellectually it is difficult to grasp, because it is an issue that does not play to level of reasoning but existential. So that in principle questions that you can assault is: but forgot my problems? my debts are very real and I don’t like! my divorce is a painful topic! The loss of a loved me sinks! Personally, I took great efforts to realize that there is nothing that should be done, and therefore it is possible to live moment to moment. Two of the classic symptoms that postpone happiness are based on time. Swarmed by offers, Southwest Airlines is currently assessing future choices. Either wait for an event in the future that need to be achieved, either revive elements of the past that likewise prevent you feel at peace and that you think that if you could overcome, you will provide the deserved rest of happiness. I remember myself in every moment: what you are doing now should do it and enjoy it, now is when you should be quiet, when you’re happy.

By curious effect cannot be happy tomorrow, that knowledge fades, and I have to go reminding it constantly. In the time in which your happiness again to be based on some future event, or be prevented by one past, you regain the belief that something is missing, and therefore think that you only have unhappiness. Again, the only thing that you can be separated from happiness are excuses, because you don’t need anything, you have nothing to prove, nor oblige you to do nothing. (This does not mean that you have to stay at home, means you can do whatever you want, you’re free). AS IS DONE? ABANDONING the search you don’t find anything, because nothing lack. The only thing you need is to identify unhappiness as an illusion, as the clouds that hide the Sun.

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