DNA Information

It emphasizes that recent analyses demonstrate that the DNA of a human being and the DNA of a chimpanzee are different in only 1%, and that this is much more next to that one of what of gorila. This would justify the fact of some authors to teimarem in considering the reclassification of the chimpanzees and gorilas in the sort homo. Mentioning the Homo to it sapiens sapiens, discourses on its appearance and circulation, also showing the genetic differences between the Homo and the no-homdeos. After that, it analyzes the evolution of the language. It starts demonstrating that the larynx human being is lower than of the primates, only one of differences, that also reached motor and sensory areas of the cerebral cortex, the position of the language and the control of the breath. It continues examining and describing the human fonador device, finishing for remembering that from the neolithic period the cultural evolution sufficiently was sped up.

When analyzing these traces, Mostern designates the presence of two processing agencies of information: the genome (characteristic system of genes of the individual and gift in cromossoma of each one of its cells, except in the gamelos) and the brain, both capable ones to detect, to assimilate, to store, to modify, to use and to transmit information. It warns for the fact of that in the universe of Biology the molecular studies divide cromossomas in cistrons. Thus, one cistron is a responsible segment of cromossoma for the codification of amino acid a polipptida chain of a protein. Also cultural information that if transmits of brain the brain can be divided in simple units: an idea, a use etc. The anthropologists call cultural trace to this simple unit, considering it unit of the culture. He can be an object, a way to make something, a belief, an attitude. In 1976, 2 DAWKINS (1976: 206) memes created the neologism, that it remembers the memory in such a way as the mimesis (imitation).

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