Effective Sales

One of the important characteristics that must have a product to be profitable, is that you must have an effective sales page. A related site: Gary Kelly mentions similar findings. Basically you must bear in mind the principle of the A.I.D.A. which is a well known marketing principle. A: means attention. The first thing we have to go when we enter on a sales page is that we must draw attention through, for example, of a title grande, with attractive words in red. Visit Ripple for more clarity on the issue. I: should interest us know more about this product or about what this page is offering us. That you captivate the target audience. D: should cause us the desire to acquire that service or product.

A: and must finally have a call to action, something that is inviting us at this time to purchase that product. The Statistics say that people spend, on average, 8 seconds on a web site, and then if there is nothing that the attention will be. Then, what they do is usually do scanning, which is to see the page quickly from top-down and see if there is something that draws attention to them. Subtitles, for example, are very striking. It is important that the page is structured with subtitles because they break sections. If the person who sees the page quickly found with them and see one that might interest you, stops to read what is underneath.

Then if you see that there are more elements you are interested in, it goes back to the beginning and is at this moment when he decided to start reading all the text. It is important that each section of text end with any concerns to the person continue to read the text that follows. Another important factor are the testimonies. It is a powerful tool because if there are people who have already tried the product and had achieved results with what this product offers, that makes him feel to people who visit the page that they can, if other people could, they also may.

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