February Cards

For more than 100 years, people send a Valentine’s Day greeting cards February 14 is coming. For many people, the 14th of February is a very special day; It is the day of love Valentine’s day. People on Valentine’s day in bulk greeting cards to buy not only in Germany. In other countries, the Valentine’s day can look back on a long tradition. Experts argue about whether Valentine’s day has its origins in Italy or England. However, several historical findings indicate that Valentine’s day has its actual origin in England. So the British men and women have already written in the 15th century each other handwritten poems himself. The choice of writing partner lost it at random and was determined by a lottery.

This has led to many romantic relationships of famous English people occurred on 14 February. The first greeting cards were sent out on Valentine’s day in the 18th century. While most people in this day and age its Buy greeting cards, greeting cards were made in the 18th century still lavishly with their own hands. In England the custom that you presented a personal greeting card his flock on the day of love until now has stopped. However, the greeting cards for Valentine’s day are no longer made, but bought into the business.

The racks in the British greeting cards shops are filled with Valentine’s day cards in all imaginable sizes, colors and shapes in the months of January and February. Popular symbols such as hearts, bouquets of roses and chocolates are pictured on the Valentine’s day cards. The Americans are also deemed Grusskartenverruckt since time immemorial. So, the people of the United States on the Valentine’s day send secret greeting cards with encrypted messages of love. The person who has the most greeting cards get sent at the end of Valentine’s day, is considered as the winner or the most popular person in the circle.

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