Federer And Motivation

Cristiano Ronaldo is still breaking records. The most expensive signing in the history -94,000,000 euros, and the best paid in the world (thirteen million) was presented yesterday at the Santiago Bernabeu in front of 80,000 people. The Real Madrid hopes to capitalize on issues such as signing for the media impact, turned into summer tours, selling T-shirts, and 40% of the player’s image rights there who see the player’s frivolous, but really is it? A few months ago I commented on an article, which is similar to that of CR7 (perhaps from now, CR9). Behind a world of luxury and glamor lurks an apparently excellent professional, which, like English, is the first to arrive at practice and the last to leave, staying for hours to practice free-kicks (as said Gary Player, one of the best golfers in history, a the more I practice, the luckier I have a ).

Cristiano Ronaldo scored his motivation for the triumph of his humble origins, his father was municipal gardener and his mother cleaned houses and cooked outside. In addition, when the player was 21, his father died of liver failure and renal (had problems with alcohol), which motivated him more, if possible, to succeed. Like Beckham, has become an advertising icon, and its positioning as a footballer has been a bit hurt by this, even though their record is not negligible. Different case is represented by Roger Federer. The Swiss player has become the best ever, to win his Grand Slam number fifteen, breaking the tie he had with Sampras. Federer has always demonstrated fair play and epic has been over the years the duel he had with Rafa Nadal, who managed to snatch the number one Swiss, and who’s been hired by the injury which kept him sidelined .

In this case, as has happened in other historical duels, both within the courts (Sampras-Agassi and Navratilova-Chris Evert, for example) and the sport in general (as with) or in the business world, where Coca-Cola and Pepsi are competing more than a century, providing extra motivation to have a competitor she made it difficult on us to get it done best of ourselves, and surpass the results we would get in the absence of rival. Thus, Federer, despite being long considered by many analysts as the best ever, was overwhelmed by the exceptional qualities and the desire to win Nadal. Not only ahead in the standings of the ATP, but in their private duels he had food morality. However, the Swiss tennis player, which obviously has already earned enough money so that’s not their motivation, did not throw in the towel, kept fighting, and now has managed to beat Sampras marks, in addition, taking advantage of temporary inactivity Rafa Nadal has managed to regain the world number one. But this would not have been possible if it had clear objectives and an extra motivation (in addition to its quality, course). Can you imagine if we were able to establish clear and challenging goals, and motivation like this to employees of a company?

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