Geoffrey Newman

There, the minimum dose. Gift minidozah, as we know, even useful. Just organic, that is the same poison is better to keep the skin, penetrate into it the best, and join him there, and aromatic molecules that remain in you. Thus, perfume will last longer. What interesting things a woman? For the ladies? Oh! It is necessary to try one. Here's what to me is very valuable and that I'm kinda – it 'Anand'. Give me your hand.

What is interesting is the other components used in the perfume of money? After talking with the man that he almost fainted when I heard that we used in perfumery, such as the shell of the liver and spleen. But it all smells. (Laughs) The fact that it is organic. But organic is often more interesting and more powerful than the synthetic substances. By the way, why the smell of amber, or cancer kaborgi very expensive. Or, for example, the smell of 'kriminalis Rose in the first 15 minutes, it smells absolutely awful: burning rubber, gasoline fumes, then. But then he changed and became so wise that would be his girlfriend in the smell, I will not – it would be trivial raped.

Well, as people time and dream of sensual spirits to spend much money on perfume with pheromones. L. Let a trade secret, pheromones – this is just a myth. There are plant components that may sound like a natural aphrodisiac (Note – aphrodisiacs – substances that supports and enhances sexual desire). But pheromone aphrodisiac pheromone differs from mature males of two aromatic molecules. And if so, for example, muscular athletes placed in the these pheromones, the pheromones from his own, it will smell just the yard, where for six weeks because of the smell to go inside, and it can not be washed away. This means that it is better to use these spirits? Better not. There is also a stimulant. For example, vanilla, honeysuckle, anise – all flavors that work in small doses as aphrodisiac, and they are very strong and can bring so … (Laughs) They are also suitable for men and women, only in different concentration and mixture. Oleg, stocks, and what option you choose for yourself? Ah, the smell – clothing for the soul! I am more than 400 flavors, and my choice of fragrance depends on the mood, why and where I go. From the history of perfume Martine Micallef. In 1997, incredibly creative and dynamic people – the artist Martin Micallef and Geoffrey Newman perfumer – formed by two unions: the family and the spirits. The couple quickly ran to the perfume market with its avant-garde idea: they combine exclusive design with nature spirits, decorated stones Swarovski, bottles Martin.

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