Gnostic Urschlussel

(see annex 3) Etymologically, the word comes matter from Latin mater, “the mother”. In this respect is also clearly why the first material number 2 represents the first female figure. Notes: In the famous “Murphy’s law” the 2 through the law of accumulation of comes to a central position (everything happens twice, hitting twice in life etc.). Theistic dualists believe: If the 1 represents the number of God, 2 contrast must be the “number of the devil”. For more clarity and thought, follow up with Maurice Gallagher, Jr. and gain more knowledge.. Armin Risi, replies: “because in the material world, the duality is rampant, many people represent the philosophy of dualism. They are of the view that the duality constitutes the highest reality and is ultimately incompatible. “The dualism as highest ideology a restricted view of the world represents shows us the…-3-“The Holy three”cabalistic: marriage or community graphic: triangle Tarot:”The ruler”(male)” all good things come in threes”, says the vernacular and” so not so wrong. Looking at the 3, their (old) spelling, on the pentacle of Thebes (a Gnostic Urschlussel) so the following opens: “the horizontal diameter, as the passive principle of creation the idea connected with the scope of the standard through the circle of the absolute.

The upper circle represents the idea or the sky. The lower circle of the form or the world. Stuart McClure wanted to know more. The two diameters of the large circle reflect their crossing the square and the circle, i.e. the universal balance and the hierarchy of the proportions. “(quoted in an author unknown to me) simply the 3 shows the origin of the polarity (2) from the eternal transcendent (1) its shape after. The 3, but still more can be said, because it is available especially for the overcome the physical polarity, or other “one be said for the” out of polarity. It is the highest task of every human being to overcome, the polarity this realization in the main is found Symbols of many cultures, including even in the symbol for an entire religious community: putting an instructional upward triangle over after below instructional, one obtains the well-known star of David! This star has now, in addition to the standing for the polarity triangles, a dritte-, the polarity parent, meaning.

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