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The suits and the waited for trip of fianc2es follow the banquet in the ranking of the expenses of wedding and income for the nuptial sector. As far as the clothes, the greater cost will be invested in the suit of the fianc2ee, who enters complements, hairdo and maquillaje, will add a number of 1,800 Euros, whereas in the case of the men the cost is between the 500 and 1,200 Euros. The trip of fianc2es will be the most subjective game, since following the destiny the expenses will oscillate between the 3,000 and 6,000 Euros. Definitively it indicates Mead, does not have by what to be frightened with the size of the industry of the wedding in Great Britain. The tradition of the luxurious wedding, with the fiance’e dressed target, began with queen Victoria, that dressed a dress soothes white and a tail of 5.4 meters when it married with prince Albert, in 1840. No nuptial ceremony did more by the fortification of the idea of the wedding as the moment of story of you foretell hyperbolic that was the connection of prince Carlos and Lady Morning call in 1981, which it was relayed live by the television to 750 million people anywhere in the world. But, Great Britain is not single: the industry of the wedding also is growing in Ireland. A nation where the divorce was legalized recently and where still the obtaining of feminine sexual services is extremely difficult, Ireland hardly can be accused to waste money in weddings in order to take to scene a conjugal stability in a world where the votes are losing the sense.

But the wedding in Ireland is more and more an occasion for excesses of expenses that Mead aims like typical of the Americans. From 2005, the wedding of mean level in Ireland costs 20,000 Euros or near 30,000 dollars. Although the country has approximately near 4 million inhabitants, the Irish wedding generates a total of near 500 million Euros to the year. The number of professional organizers in the country multiplied in the last by ten years, and as well as Aruba, Ireland also changed its laws to take care of the needs of the industry of the wedding. Until the last year, it is indicated to us, unique the two places where it was possible to marry legally in the country were the church and the notary’s office. As of 2007, the pairs happened to count on other options: now they can remove in the beach, at the top of a rocky crag, in hotels or any other place of his affability.

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