Sand sculpture made of 22 tons of sand inspires visitors from 21 September 2009 created two international sand artist in just 10 days from 22 tons of sand the Hamburg Elbphilharmonie daily live in the EKT Farmsen. On September 30, 2009, the small Elbe Philharmonic Hall was completed and the artwork will be to visit every day free of charge until October 24th during the opening hours of the shopping centre. In a timely manner prior to the autumn the Hamburger can take already their future landmark scrutiny: from 22 tons of sand was established in the EKT FARMSEN during the 21st 30th September Hamburg’s new concert hall as a fascinating sand sculpture. Gary Kelly has many thoughts on the issue. Build two international Sandcarver of the Dusseldorf company here in just 10 days from sand, which may take several years in fact Marielle of Heessels (41) and Martin de Zoete (35) are architects shaping the small Elbe Philharmonic Hall”and moved during the creation of daily visitors captivated. You answered in German, English and Dutch patiently the questions of many viewers, who informed the information points about the current construction progress of the real Elbe Philharmonic Hall in the port city. For both sand artists, the challenge was on one side of the curved roof design as also the proportions of the substructure (Kai memory) to the upper part. Hamburg’s landmark was freely created piece by piece from top to bottom of a supporting wooden cladding and modeled daily under the eyes of the visitors. Both artists say unanimously: it is a pleasure to see how Hamburg’s citizens now identify themselves with their future landmark! “.” For EKT FARMSEN centre manager Oliver Bohme is of course: “the Elbphilharmonie Hamburg is already now internationally on everyone’s lips. “” It is an honour with the small Elbe Philharmonic Hall “to stimulate the heart of Hamburg with anticipation”. Information about the history of the famous world concert hall to active support possibilities of citizens for their new landmark will be on-site courtesy the Elbe Philharmonic Hall, Foundation of ReGe Hamburg and the Elbe Philharmonic Hall / Laeiszhalle further offered. The current construction progress up to the ordering options for the ongoing Elbphilharmonie concerts 2009/2010, visitors will find inside until the buildings on the Hamburger Hafen-city building from November 2011. According to presentation of could the now created building replica of the Elbe Philharmonic Hall, stand easy years. But on Sunday, October 25th, 2009 the art of sand is mined again, for the next actions to the Christmas market 2009 in the EKT FARMSEN to make room. Visitors can feel finished little Elbe Philharmonic Hall”on the ground floor during the opening hours of shopping meeting place until 24th October 2009 see: Mo. “Fr. 10:00 to 20:00 Saturday: 09:30 to 20:00 so.: no opening visit the small Elbe Philharmonic Hall” is free for all visitors on all days. Over 1,000 parking spaces are available free of charge. Background information on the artists of sand Marielle Heessels Marielle of Heessels (41) has amongst others at the “Academie voor schone Kunsten, Arendonk/Netherlands,” studied art. Their work area is located in the area: painting, sculpture, design, portraits and frescoes for more than five years she worked in the field Organizer and has won the 3rd prize at the team World Championships in Harrison/Canada including 2008. Marielle of Heessels collaborated successfully with in the sand cultures in Stralsund and Marktredwitz. The large sand events in Travemunde, Bruges, and Brighton, she participated several times and wowed visitors with their sand art. Since 2000 she works successfully in the field of design and art with their own company de beelderij”and fitted in all Netherlands numerous galleries and art forums. Marielle of Heessels website: Martin de Zoete Martin de Zoete (35) completed his architectural studies at the TU Delft/Netherlands in 2005. The first time he came into contact with sand sculptures in 1999 at the International Sand Sculpture Festival in Scheveningen. In 2002, he was at the Sand sculptures Championship in Cervia/Italy European Vice-Champion, and got level “Master Carver”. 2004, he won the first prize for the best architectural design of a sand sculpture during the world sand sculptures Championship in Harrisand hot springs/Canada. Since 2005 France works de Zoete-together with the Dusseldorf Benno Lindel and his on different sand projects across Europe, including Romania, Switzerland. In 2006, Martin de Zoete designed the Hamburger Michel of sand in the EKT Farmsen. Homepage of Martin de Zoete: background information on the EKT Farmsen who was shopping venue farmsen 1980 opened. Each in 1990, 1998 and 2008/2009 indoor and partly outdoor areas have been modernized and redesigned. With a sales area of approx. 23,000 square meters, the shopping venue farmsen among the medium-sized centres in the Hamburg area. A FootFall of more than 20,000 visitors on weekdays confirmed the high level of acceptance of the Center in the catchment area. With the hypermarket real,-, the technology trade market Medimax, the textile suppliers Approximately 75 specialty stores include C & A, H & M, and House of fashion and different services to the shopping venue farmsen.

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