Ho Hoan Kiem

However, the most favorable weather in Hanoi says the fall in September and October. In this short period, almost every day the sun shines, and the breeze brings a pleasant coolness. Attractions Hanoi Tours to Hanoi – a great opportunity to enjoy nature and architectural landmarks of the city, surrounded by a river. Numerous temples and pagodas were harmonious decoration of local landscapes, characterized by an abundance of greenery and exotic flowers. Sword Lake famous Sword Lake (Ho Hoan Kiem Lake) – the legendary place where the sacred turtle has helped the Vietnamese national hero Le Loyu to stop and fled the Chinese occupation. In connection with this event on the island in the middle of the lake was built pagoda turtles – Thapa zua. It was her image became an emblem of Hanoi. There is also, and Ngoc Son Temple, dedicated to the spirit of literary creativity.

The capital of Vietnam – the city taking off evening at Ho Hoan Kiem held puppet shows, and eleven puppeteers stand upright in the water, hidden from multiple viewers a bamboo curtain. Voices performances special group of musicians playing on the national musical instruments. Lake Ho Tay and Tank Truck, the largest lake in Hanoi Ho Tay (West Lake) located in the heart of the city. When something is a picturesque place with many buildings were kind of resort for the rest of mandarins and kings. Nearby, across the street Nien Tran, is the second lake – Truck Buck. Guided by neighborhoods will enjoy the beauty of ancient palaces and pahod, extant.

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