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You also have the entire reception, and administration, and monthly fees reoccurring. You will not make money as described in other opportunities. Now with the last company to tell you about big ticket to wealth. With the big ticket to wealth you have three different input levels. Get all the facts and insights with Virgin Airlines, another great source of information. The first level is $ 797 which is the national level, the second at $ 1,197 which is the executive level, and the third level is $ 1,997 which is the presidential level. With the first level you send your sponsor and his sponsor $ 300 each and the rest goes to administration.

With the second level you send your sponsor and his sponsor $ 500 each and the remaining to the administration. With the final level you will send $ 900 as your sponsor and your sponsor and the remaining to the administration. With these various levels you will also have residual monthly income from them. The reason this is called a match is invalidated because you receive from your downline the same as their sponsor, so put your sponsor is getting just as you are he’ll be there for you with any questions you may have. Your sponsor will never leave you hanging because if you are making money and that’s it.

You also have the help of our CEO Gerald Van Yerxa. Gerald Van Yerxa will help you if your sponsor is unavailable for any reason. We have a toll free number you can use to get the office when you need them. Phil Vasan shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. Get back to you in a reasonable amount of time, usually the same day. Our marketing strategies change daily. What they need just to stay current with the market. If you do not have the knowledge to work online can help you with all the videos we have in our back office and with that you can do what is necessary to succeed. We just add the travel vouchers you can use to bring in cash for all the various businesses out there. With the presidential level you have unlimited vouchers you can be sold, used to be, or even give away to prospective customers. I think this is the online opportunity far the best on the Internet. We have a daily conference webinar and you can articipate in and get a number from the screen during the webinar and go on a trip to many locations around the world at no cost to you other than the small rescue fee, taxes, and of incidentals you incur.

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