Installing And Upgrading

Icy Phoenix has its own documentation informing users that have followed steps in the process of installation. It also provides a file to upgrade from standard phpBB and phpBB XS since. The only way to upgrade from other systems is modified by converting a standard phpBB (phpBB vanilla) to apply the upgrade from phpBB. Yet in the case of any change is made to Icy Phoenix, andalusia update this amendment to be lost, having to reinstall.

Macon Telegraph
Some areas in Middle Georgia have reported weather-related damage and incidents involving serious injuries tonight after thunderstorms recorded tornado warnings and watches.
FOX 5 News Atlanta
The Atlanta evening weather web update for Monday, February 16.
The Meridian Star
The National Weather Service in Jackson, a severe thunderstorm warning for south northeaster that Kemper County Lauderdale County. NWS meterorologists discovered a severe thunderstorm capable of producing penny-sized hail and damaging winds exceeding 60 mph.
Pacific Daily News
9:20 A strong earthquake near the Kermadec Islands in New Zealand was too far away to threaten Guam Hawaii or a tsunami, said a communication from the National Weather Service.

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