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Edge-to-core software solution optimizes the availability of applications Lasne / Belgium, February 21, 2011 array Networks Inc., manufacturer of secure application delivery solutions (, has its newly developed SpeedCore presented application delivery platform. Company provides an ultra-scalable edge-to-core-software platform to the application availability. SpeedCore also supports the Extensible APIs array and creates such an optimized application. Due to an increased mobility and the development towards virtualization and cloud computing, enterprises and service providers with increased data volumes have to fight. Through the use of the SpeedCore technology in array solutions, companies can now control their traffic on efficient and cost effective manner.

Users can benefit from features such as advanced integration capabilities, Web acceleration, traffic management and Internet Protocol IPv6 support. Based on the parallelized Array multi-core technology ensures SpeedCore scaling of applications of any IP device availability, performance and security. In addition management platforms can be to the Extensible APIs threat – and risk – virtual combine and integrate individual reporting and billing solutions. The integration of SLAs is also possible. In this way, for example, the versatile integration capabilities along with a solution such as VMware provide vCenter for complete control of the virtual environment in real time.

“Triggered by the takeover of the always-on mentality ‘ as well as the transition to cloud computing and virtualization, enterprises require features such as scales, performance, availability, and extensibility for your IT and network infrastructure”, explains Michael Zhao, Chairman and CEO of array networks. These features will receive by using the SpeedCore of platform for consistent profitability. companies” SpeedCore is so far in the APV series of application delivery controller of array, integrated and will soon be available in the complete product line. The distribution of array products in the DACH region via value added distributors Intellicomp ( and sysob ( Array networks: Array networks founded in 2000 and has established itself as leading global provider of enterprise-wide secure application delivery and universal access solutions to the rapidly growing SSL/VPN and application established acceleration markets. “More than 5,000 companies including service providers, government agencies and organisations in the health, financial, insurance, and training being worldwide, array, if it comes to the optimized and secure, anytime/anywhere access” goes. Industry greats such as Deloitte, red herring, as well as Frost and array have recognized Sullivan as the market and technology leader.

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