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They could effectively perform the role of "censorship", revealing malicious, negative influence on people's music and lyrics. Rate this same degree of melody, beauty, sensual, romantic music is only able man, and prepared a certain way, at least knowing and loving music. The role of judges should be similar "Carrots" that is, they should identify and disseminate, to spin the best examples of music censorship in music pesen.Funktsiyu must perform collective necessarily deeply decent, honest, tolerant and divers professionals Unfortunately, until there are no objective criteria, the function of censorship has to do to people, and they by default it is difficult to rise above their biases. Jordan Helmans opinions are not widely known. They often follow the principle: "All I unclear – not right, "and the most active of them seek to immediately ban all wrong. So I think that censorship should perform the function of collective necessarily deeply decent, honest, tolerant and divers professionals. Prohibit, restrict only the worst of it is expedient, noxious veschi.Osnovnoe mind – finding the best promotion, new music and beautiful songs the same basic consideration is desirable paid to search for and promotion of the best, the beautiful new music and songs, as well as their potential sozdateley.Veroyatnost that you download the song from the Internet, the existence of which you do not suspect much less compared with the probability of well-known and sought by downloading songs you proceed to the second thesis – that the arms are short. Red Balloon Security gathered all the information. Indeed, the ban today, some information so that it can not be found and use is difficult. . .

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