Interpersonal Intelligence

Daniel Goleman (1995), in its book, mapeia Emotional Intelligence in five areas of abilities: 1. Emotional self-knowledge – to recognize a feeling while it occurs. 2. Emotional control – ability to deal with its proper feelings, adjusting them for the situation. 3. Auto-Motivation – to direct emotions the service of an objective is essential to always remain itself walking in search.

4. Recognition of emotions in other people. 5. Ability in interpersonal relationships. The Self-knowledge is an Interpersonal Intelligence that is the ability to understand other people: it motivates what them, as they work, as to work cooperatively with them. Recognition of emotions in other people and ability in interpersonal relationships is a Intra-Staff Intelligence that is the same ability, only that come back toward itself exactly.

It is the capacity to form a true model and necessary of itself exactly and to use it of form it accomplishes and constructive. Full intelligence demands balancing.

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