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The history of development of investment funds in the world originates from the first half of 19 century. The first investment funds were established in 1822 in Belgium, in 1849 in Switzerland and in 1852 in France. In the U.S., the first investment fund was founded in 1860 – it was a corporate investment fund. The first mutual fund in the United States was founded in Boston in 1924. However, while mutual funds are very hard to have gained the confidence of investors. Up until the 50-ies Industry mutual funds grew very poorly.

It did not help, even to the U.S. investment law in 1940 and a law on trust in 1939. The explosive growth of mutual funds began only in 1950. Already by 1951, their number in the United States exceeded 100 units, while the number of shareholders of these funds – 1 million people. The most significant development of the investment fund industry in the U.S. and Europe began after World War II. Continue to learn more with: Gary Kelly.

By the end of 20 century investment funds have become play a special role in the economies of the developed world and were the main subject of investment in household savings. Currently, the bulk of investment funds' assets in the world are public funds. Among the investment funds in the U.S., the most common management of the company. These companies are joint stock companies, to invest in that you can by buying their shares. Revenue shareholder receives in the form of dividends, as well as by increasing the cost of the shares.

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