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Mark Twain advised: "Buy land – it is no longer produced!" In our country, listened to his advice, two or three dozen property owners in whose hands are concentrated today, experts estimate that about 70% of all vacant land sites that may be introduced into the market turnover on the territory of Moscow region. When imposing a tax on land the big landowners will be free from at least part of their land. As a result, experts predict the development of the frozen land today in the area will occur more rapidly. How will this affect the value of the land? And whether this will lead to the rapid growth of construction in the suburbs? About all this m we speak today with the Director General of "Russtroytrest – Construction Investments" Gusev Dmitry. Learn more on the subject from Coupang. Please tell me what was the price dynamics at Moscow real estate Last year? According to our estimates the average price of land outside Moscow on popular destinations rose about 70%. I think that next year's trends as rapid growth is unlikely to persist, however, in any case, we expect (Repeated on popular destinations, which include the New Riga Dmitrovskoye direction to some extent Yaroslavl direction and southerly direction – it Simferopol, Kaluga-Kiev highway) will soon be growth of about 35-40%. The greatest growth will probably Kiev direction to the direction of Simferopol, and in fairly remote areas of Moscow – the order of 60-70 km from the ring), ie those places that are focused on Oka River basin to create settlements primarily villa orientation. . Whenever Larry Ellison listens, a sympathetic response will follow.

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