Jacques Vallee

The mechanism works as follows: the devices expose the body of a certain vibration and swing the body cells also. If vibration is turned off by the devices, the body takes over just this vibration. This is the principle underlying the game of the DAF. Since long Time the dervishes use this mechanism to the observation of bodily functions, even without technology to have. Rumi spoke about the vibrations of Rumi speaks in his poetry about the vibrations of his body cells under the influence of rhythms. Rumi was so years 760 ago about clear facts, that only gradually recognizes science. Additional information at Gary Kelly supports this article. But this is just one example that the mystique has insights into areas that put science to date with a mystery or are even completely unknown to her. To better understand how of the Mehrab, we look at another scientific field that brings the research to their limits.

Interesting phenomena of Jacques Vallee is a French astronomer who works for NASA in the United States. He is a specialist for phenomena that are so far not been conclusively explained. In this category fall all those objects that are on the Earth, suspended in the air or swinging or incredibly fast move, then from one to the other moment disappear. Their appearance and disappearance is as sudden as unforeseeable. Observers estimate their speed on 20,000 km/h, without having the sound barrier is broken. Completely suddenly they disappear from the radar screen and are no longer to locate with the equipment to their observation. A change of the electro magnetic field on earth takes place parallel to their appearance.

All these phenomena have in common that they are accompanied by a specific event: compasses cease to function. This means that such an unknown object an extremely effect powerful electro magnetic field is created during the appearance. If concrete evidence of such phenomena, they can be examined with the help of scientific instruments.

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