Joly Keramag

Plumbing Simas can be either in a traditional white version and a black color ceramics, and coated with a surface of an original drawing monograms, floral designs, intricate lines, and so that you can use it in the style of luxury, chic and glamorous – Art Deco. Continue to learn more with: Verizon Communications. Inheriting Simas Factory Villeroy & Boch released a series of plumbing Memento: matt drawing ornamental monogram on the glossy surface of ceramic white or black, that is an attribute of the interior in art deco style, despite the direct form of the series. Starck X series, Vero Duravit, and Frozen Simas can be characterized as masculine, discreet series of sharp pointed, aggressive forms of square washstand, toilet, bidet, urinal and wc, for the strict minimalist interiors. Softer lines in plumbing Series Oh! and Flow Simas shaped like cubes with smooth edges. For a country style or romanticism recommend a series of mental plumbing Cassini Keramag, plump shape is reminiscent of rustic barrels with honey or jam, especially colorful ceramic sink round inflated with thick walls and a floral pattern embossed on the edge of the basin. As the classic series and Sentury Hommage Villeroy & Boch can be equipped with wooden seats and covers wc typical wooden cabinets under sinks with checkered fabric curtains, and a harmonious blend in the cozy bathroom country style.

In addition to the traditional pure white color can be chosen a warm cream color pottery (the color of melted milk – pergamon). Truly a work of art is a series of plumbing Pure Stone Villeroy & Boch for fans of ethnic styles, or minimalism. Design of a series inspired by the shape and color of the river Stone: round and asymmetric plumbing granite-gray just exudes a sense of natural harmony. Special attention is given a series of wooden plumbers New Look Dr.Jet, which has become a challenge for the entire world by undermining the all representations about the plumbing, made of solid massive teak: washbasin Onda smoothly curved, free-standing shower with hydromassage Spira – curved round in a spiral, and a round bath Suprema – certain to become an altar in the bathrooms in the country style or ethnic. Dynamic, rapid series of plumbing Oblic Villeroy & Boch perfect for small bathrooms or guest in the 'modern' styles because of its original futuristic design (decorative beveled toilet bowls, wash basins and urinaly bend and direct placement, as if in motion) makes effective use of space is small bathrooms rooms, not constraining convenience. Series Architect Duravit partly echoes the same principle: toilets, sinks corner and direct fastening, decorative urinal with thickened walls, with an unusual solution water dispenser – as if they tilted to the side (in the form of a parallelogram).

Optimistic and cheerful series Joly Keramag: toilet bowls, wash basins and urinal – reminiscent of a round ball – ergonomically-designed, and is also designed for efficient use of space in small bathrooms. For the youngest users bathrooms have a series of Kind / Baby Keramag: a specially designed comfortable and ergonomic, a series of plumbing for the children. Besides the fact that parent toilet for children too big to sink and they just do not hold out, children are very important to have something of their own. They love their toy – a fantastic world, and a plumber will be part of their game world, the adoption of hygiene procedures will be interesting for them. You can create a parental bathroom's corner with children's toilet and sink, or take your child's personal bathroom. Bathroom should not only be beautiful, but also convenient.

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