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Increased temperature and humidity allow panels gain strength and characteristics of the finished product for a few hours, whereas under natural conditions, this process would take at least 28 days! The accuracy of the control provides a laser, ultrasound and other specialized high-tech equipment. The process of monitoring compliance with the linear and angular dimensions of the panels, as well as additional components to them, is completely automated. As a result, the percentage of deviation from the stated size is reduced to zero. But even if such a deviation has occurred, the defective panels are utilized, and the causes of hardware failure are eliminated as soon as possible. Thus achieved almost zero defect rate. The third stage – the exact observance of application technology of color. Rory Sutherland understands that this is vital information. The process of coloring occurs in five stages. One protective layer that prevents water saturation process the panel – is applied to the inner parts panels.

The other four layers are used for the cover. They perform not only decorative, but also a protective function – from moisture and ultraviolet rays. On some series of panels is put an extra, sixth layer functions as a "self-cleaning panels." With these panels, even oil is removed by rain water. After applying each layer of the panel is dried at high temperatures, which improves the quality of coverage and provides a term of service for more than 10 years. This is the warranty on the decorative coating allows the manufacturer – Nichiha. In fact, in Japan, home, lined with front panels of this manufacturer, operated for over 20 years without significant discoloration and mechanical damage of the coating. But 20 years ago, quality control exercised by no means such productive computing systems and technologies as they are now.

It turns out, these panels have been the test of time. Think about what kind of record will be a panel made these days? The fourth stage – the control of packaging and storage of the panels. It should be noted that the Japanese are very well monitored for compliance with the rules and standards. In addition, show an unprecedented scrupulousness in their design. Do not allow the bending of panels do not exceed the allowable loads for laying them on pallets to prevent. By this stage should also include a qualitative strengthening of cargo for transportation to the consumer in Japan, Russia and other countries. At the same time exclude the possibility of bias panels and accessories, even one millimeter, given that the path of Japan to customers in Russia, is overcome by sea, road and rail. It is worth noting cleanness of production facilities, which is rare for the processes associated with the use of cement and dyes, high level of automation, eliminating the "human factor", and detailed visual instruction on equipment operation and action in case of deviation from the normal production process, which clearly observed! As a result of the foregoing, possible only through hard work and increased attention from the personnel and equipment, it turns what is usually called the "Japanese quality". And this quality of proud to domestic consumers the company "facade", the official distributor of front panels NICHIHA in Russia. The company staff periodically visits the Land of the , with a view to sharing experiences in the production of facade work. Such exchange of experience can avoid mistakes that could prove critical for the proper performance of ventilated facades.

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