Luiz Gustavo

Even so, the main novelty was Bertrand, who made his debut in Champions in a final as double side reinforcement with Ashley Cole to counteract the diagonals of Robben. Without Terry and Ivanovic: Cahill and David Luiz, the device Central.Defensivismo against the authoritarian message and here is Bayern who planted Heynckes with Kroos where Luiz Gustavo and Muller in the playmaker. Thus started the local, bossy with Ribery against the battleship of the medium. The blues came out parpetados 30 meters ahead against Barca, but ended up in your shelter around the area, with Obi Mikel, Lampard, Mata and cia without weight in the game. To sweat and sweat without the ball.Bayern practiced a monologue with even sealed bands and general crowding in attacks too static for the Center.

Blue platoon. The lighter was a wash of Robben band changed with tunnel to get rid of two. Its satin gatillazo cleared it with the tip of your fingernail Cech and went to the outside of the suit. Chelsea on goal fired his first shot at a free live high of Mata and not approached more until one of Bosingwa who stopped Neuer, full time Viewer. The best Bayern came before the break. Was around the red menace by a Centre from the left of Contento, a less than praise, Bender caused another scare and a hole. Muller hooked volley in the center of the area, but was an inch outside of the portal of Cech.

Red crock would supply but not drew water. Also went to Mario Gomez a high howitzer after breaking to Cahill with a wonderful autotunel. The lack of the rivla aim was at work in favour of the Blues.The pediment of the milagrosSin changes on the return, and without changes in the script. Bayern drought spending shots before a comfortable Chelsea who still see Neuer or in paint.

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