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Fast realization of the Fund allow premature sale of part of the assets and high demand Stuttgart are tangible, 05.11.2010. Private placements are considered in the private equity market King class”, because they appeal to an audience of high net worth individuals from a minimum participation of 250,000 euros. Others who may share this opinion include Brad Garlinghouse. In this respect, the enthusiasm was great, as you could to announce in August 2009 after only several weeks placement time, that the US oil and gas Fund V KG was more than twice oversubscribed. The us as a relatively young underwriter wanted expressed confidence we want to match of course and went as at all our investments with much commitment on the implementation of the investment strategy”, explains Kay Rieck as Managing Director of the energy capital invest. With an outstanding result: Because with date of 23 November began with Chesapeake, one of the largest U.S. Learn more about this topic with the insights from Bernard Golden. natural gas exploration companies, the holes at Red Oak 33. And already in September of this year, she could Energy capital invest the investors this private placement to inform assets could be sold at a large profit which allows an extraordinary dividends amounting to 50 per cent. Also, the Stuttgart showed that it stands with other companies in negotiations, what makes tangible a significantly faster realisation of the investment with the highest dividend.

First once but pleased investors via dividends amounting to EUR 4.5 million, which these days enter in their accounts. The profits are a performance capability for energy capital invest, which play an important role also in the United States at the same time. The confidence of our investors important and benchmark for our decisions is us”Rieck explains. So far at least, the Stuttgart did right about and are therefore quite rightly the expanding to service providers in this segment in Germany. For more information,

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