Marie Nasemann

It is all now also face of the new advertising campaign “Marie for Joghurette”. What is Marie Nasemann immediately noticed is her beautiful face. She has bright blue eyes, full (real!) Lips and her expression, which she can generate, “Germanys next has the title Top model “absolutely earned. Marie no not just a beautiful face, she’s also absolute dream 85-66-94. Of course, Marie not only by Germanys next Topmodel has attracted attention. It is maintained by the agencies already most wanted models and the Mary of Poppins Agency.

Through their participation in its reputation has mounted a naturally upwards and it has noted they arguably at their new model contacts. Whether she will probably win? Many are sure there already. The one reason is that never, a dark-haired won and on the other hand, she was also the participant with the most postings. The magazine InTouch however already reported a few weeks ago that Marie Nasemann voluntarily waive won GNTM, not to lose their jobs at the two agencies. The winner is naturally contracted the management of Heidi Klum’s father, Gunther, bound.

It remains to be seen how it continues with her – she deserves it in each case. Marie Nasemann short Info: age 20 origin Gauting size 177 cm dimensions 85-66-94 dress size 36/38 shoe size 39 hobbies, tennis, dancing, photography, concerts, art exhibitions, painting, fashion experience in the model business modeling in addition to the school since the age of 16. This July for 3 weeks in Milan, weaknesses have been I’m terribly messy problem zones Abgeknabberte fingernails self-description funny, strong, spontaneously here it continues with the blonde beauty Mandy. Biography of Mandy: the participant Mandy is the nest of ticks under the candidates or the finalists. She just turned 18 years old and comes from the city of Witten. Mandy had the dream to be a model at the age of 12, but she has no experience in the model industry. What but not hurt you at Germanys next top model. In one of the last shipments of Germanys next top model participants had high visit by one of the fashion icons of our time – Victoria Beckham. And this was particularly excited by a participant, namely Mandy. In the later interview, she said that she would immediately book Mandy, if you choose a girl would. If this has to mean anything. At the time, Mandy attended the school. In her spare time, she rides like and wishes you an own horse. It is 1.75 m tall and its dimensions are 80-60-87. Her dress size is 34 and their shoe size 38. Mandy already had some orders in the current GNTM season. Among other things was allowed to run SIXTY in America for the Modelable MISS. She’s got on every case orders, even if she should not win. The final radiates at the moment keep doing just to wait until PRO 7 then live. Then we can check all of us whether we were right with our assumptions. “Mandy short Info: age 18 origin Witten size 175 cm weight 80-60-87 dress size 34 shoe size 38 hobbies riding experience in the model business no weaknesses messy, clumsy, sometimes confused” problem areas I am happy with me!

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