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Five years medicine worlds services a reason to celebrate Stuttgart-Bad Cannstatt, 04 January 2013 was five years ago by Dr. med.-medicine worlds services Christofer Coenen established. In 2010 the Board of Directors has med. Dr. Ute Stefani Haaga reinforces. By great medical expertise and experience in the project management agency for medicine media has successfully established itself in a short time on the field of target group-oriented medical information and knowledge.

A move to larger premises was therefore required. This took place the company in the last year in Stuttgart-Bad Cannstatt. The five-year anniversary and the new offices are now the cause for a big celebration. The special thing about it is: you will be accompanied by a Vernissage of the bad Cannstatter Gallery Kunstraum5, as well as the music of the Brazilian singer Renato Pantera (jazz, Bossa Nova). We can be proud on what we’ve done in the past and we are grateful for the Trust of our clients and for the commitment of our partners. services of worlds of medical is well positioned and we look forward to the challenges ahead. With the celebration of the anniversary, we want to give the go-ahead for the next successful five years “, says Dr. med.

Christofer Coenen, managing partner of medicine worlds services GBR. The event will take place with customers, business partners, friends and family in the new premises of the services of worlds of medical. The following artists will present their work: Thomas Hermann from the Aichholzhof in Backnang. For ten years, Thomas Hermann works with the chain saw. The initiator of the annual meetings of chain saw art in the Aichholzhof shows heads and torsos made of poplar wood. Dorothea Schwertzel Thoma from Backnang has since 1980 as a focus on the human figure. The works are abstract and expressive. Since the merger with a Backnanger group of artists are also abstract and surreal themes in the foreground. At the exhibition, it shows a nude painting and Cubist heads. Susanne will Nadine from Fellbach dealing for years with acrylics. At the anniversary of services of worlds of medical, it shows their abstract works which radiate both power and peace. Berenice Walker Zerrer from Stuttgart malt and illustrated as a freelancer for 30 years. The photorealistic images are colorful and sometimes blatant. She works with acrylic paints on canvas. Jurgen Zerrer is known under the artist name of Zorro in the Stuttgart art scene for many years. The Stuttgart-based graphic designers exhibiting abstract acrylic collage on aluminum. The individual artists have variously issued in Stuttgart and the surrounding area. Dorothea Schwertzel Thoma and Berenice Weinhold Zerrer operate the painting school of the Kunstraum5. We wanted to connect to our celebration of art by local artists. “Because creating medical texts and media and the development of concepts to the medical knowledge and product communication require a high degree of creativity and creativity as well as in the artistic work”, said Dr. med. Ute Stefani Haaga, managing partner of medicine worlds services GBR.

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