In the case of the right hemisphere, God gives place to the music, the art, the painting, love and other emotions. The right hemisphere facilitates the process of meditation. and it is believed that it is deeply related to the source of infinite creativity. Here thoughts are not conceived as a process but that everything happens as an instantaneous flash of creativity. This part does not think. This part feels.

We will use our right brain to release us from our thoughts in Zen meditation. Sit in Lotus (crossed legs) position and maintains the straight column. Put your hands in your lap. Now look to your left. Just look at.

Aware of the left side of your body. Don’t let any thoughts appear in your mind. He stares at your left hand and tries to feel the left side of his body. This process activates your right hemisphere. When the right hemisphere of the brain is activated, it leads to the disappearance of the thoughts. Take a few deep breaths and then centrate on your breathing. Stay so for half an hour. Meditate 3 techniques: meditation with Mantras the ancient Sanskrit word, aum It is a mystic syllable of frequent use on edges or as a mantra for meditation. Through the repetition of a sacred Word or phrase significant (including short statements like thank you or I’m happy) can take your mind to a State of balance and tranquility. You can say the mantra aloud or repeat it in silence. The important thing is to maintain that sound in your mind doing mononoto and repetitive so that your brain will not be distracted. Techniques to meditate 4: meditation in motion if sitting for a long time makes you nervous, proofs meditate while you walk. You can do it anywhere, be outside as a plaza or garden is ideal. Simply put your concentration on the movement of your body: arms spin, legs, lift and extend the feet to go up and touch the ground. As with all techniques of meditation, when your mind wander, gently bring your attention to the movement. It’s not judge, just observe and contemplate the sensation of walking. Techniques for meditation 5: meditation Guided or activates this meditation technique allows you to generate greater results, beyond just relax and take your stress. Here you can already be yourself or by following the voice of another person guide you to take advantage of the enormous potential that has your brain when you are in a relaxed state and generate large and positive changes in your life. Many investigations have been made showing the large impact of the guided meditations. From improving health, increase creativity or improve your problem solving ability, guided meditations can be a simple, free, and powerful solution for the problems of everyday life. The guided meditations begin first with a stage of relaxation followed by a series of visualization exercises combined with statements according to what you want to achieve. You may only display the things you want to have year-end or how serious your relationship. The guided meditations can help you a lot in addition to lower your level of anxiety and stress. If you want to learn more about Meditation, visit our website where you will find everything or that you need to know about meditation and the Silva method.

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