Mike Lavelle

Due to its finer spray results are the latter more common and used in preference. In addition are the guns with different nozzle sizes available, depending on whether a large area, or small gauges are to be processed. For other opinions and approaches, find out what Brad Garlinghouse has to say. The air pressure, which is necessary for the work, either comes from a boiler or a diaphragm compressor. Compressors are usually quieter than ordinary compressors, as thus also long work is possible, without placing a burden on third. The best-known manufacturer of airbrush are harder & Steembeck with their infinity, as well as the evolution series and paint spray guns of the company Hansa.

The airbrush technique is extremely versatile fields of application what is, that they be applied on almost any imaginable surface (wood, metal, paper, glass, plastic, rubber, skin, cardboard, etc.). However you must have prepared the most substrates before editing. Metal for example must be degreased first sanded, and primed. Also, the work must be then sealed with several layers of clear coat. So it is to the one above Protected scratches etc. and on the other hand, a very shiny surface color arises. The Airbrush is used for example in the body painting (on human bodies), the custom painting, free illustrate, retouching, as well as in model construction. Learning the Airbrushkunst that independent learning of the Airbrushkunst is extremely difficult and frustrating in most cases.

It is advisable therefore, either a workshop (various vendors) or even a complete Airbrushdesignstudium (IBKK-Bochum). There are basics first handling and colour mixing gives and the creation of first works by using marker foil and stencils, taught up to the free hand generation of realistischster motives under the supervision of professional-Airbrusher. Artists are among the stars of the scene certainly H.R.Giger (creator of Alienfilmvorlage), Mike Lavelle, Gottfried Helnwein and the German portrait special list Roland Kuck.

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