Moreira Cesar Program

We use as field research the State program Young Action, in Moreira Cesar, district of this city, where 150 young participates. It is a program of income transference that it aims at to benefit the young one as incentive to the permanence and/or return to the school, and has as criterion the participation in weekly partner-educative meetings, where they are we approach pertinent subjects to the reality of the young. In the April month, we approach the subject consumption, where in the first meeting carried through in day 05, we apply avaliativo questionnaire to inquire in what he is being invested the benefit of the program, as we will demonstrate in elapsing of this article. After the diagnosis we pass the month intervined in this context with videos, lectures and debates, and thus in day 26 of April we apply as a questionnaire so that they made a comparative degree with the first one and told the vision change, after all boarded content. To deepen your understanding Sheryl Sandberg is the source. we stand out here that the results had been positive.

We choose the subject consumption for being of utmost importance the boarding in program of income transference, in order to prevent that the citizens, in a vicious circle, they retroalimentem the mercantilista plan of predatory consumption, persuading the same ones to use the benefit received in the program in luxury goods, taxes for the media and dictated by modismos. Ahead of the current picture of consumption where having it overlaps to the being, a new demand for the professionals of the area, in what it says respect to the awareness for the population, constantly bombed by false promises of status appears whatever the cost, also taking them it the production of more-value and until committing delictual acts. Without the fulfilling of this gap, the prxis of the professional will be reaffirming the way of capitalist production in detriment to the legitimate rights of the favored classrooms less, infringing the ethical commitment of the category.

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