Moscow Region Office – The Realities Of Today

Real Estate – it's money well spent, especially when it comes to Moscow. Everyone knows that in its specificity, the capital attracts a huge amount of money and provides virtually unlimited prospects and opportunities. Deficiency of commercial and residential real estate has been and always will be, thanks to the great appeal of this vast metropolis. For everyone to get an office in Moscow is a serious problem. I want to emphasize that the lease of office space has a very high demand.

If the area under the earlier qualitative offices are only located within the Garden Ring, the constant growth of prices has forced developers companies to send their views on the sleeping areas and suburbs. In such areas, to build a new office is much cheaper and a new building has plenty of parking spaces as opposed to located in downtown commercial real estate. Naturally, offices, located in the suburbs, not so prestigious, but they are significantly cheaper. Note that now sleeping areas – not only promising direction for construction of office centers. Podmoskovnaya property interest today an increasing number of investors. And there are three main reasons: – cheap land – simple paperwork – a great selection of sites for Typically, building, office building erected near the towns, with developed transport infrastructure. Of course, a main office or a large company bank suburb, to put it mildly, not good.

But to accommodate various financial and analytical units such offices are ideal. Deficiencies in a country office is not so much. As can be noted the main need for official vehicles for staff and establishment of reliable communication links. Note that all these shortcomings handsomely overlap much less expensive to buy or rent suburban real estate. The fact that in the near the future will be a continuation of Moscow suburbs there is no doubt: this 'fusion' occurs throughout the world. That's why investing in commercial real estate finance suburbs has a great future and is very promising.

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