Mr Haider

drank alcohol that night? Why should the (to date) only known witness of the accident leaving the country? (the investigations were not set at this time!) Why are there conflicting statements in the media concerning the evenings by Jorg H. (Antenne Karnten”, Kronenzeitung”, etc.)? Why is the autopsy report not published, to start the attempt, the already heated conspiracy theories”to rebut? Why were the investigation discontinued already after two days? Why was an incontrovertible speedometer booth replaced 3 days later against a new, another unquestionable mileage? Why are there no more (independent) investigation of the Accident vehicle, in particular. If you would like to know more then you should visit Gary Kelly . for example the circular opening of the roof over the handlebar, the electronics – and why should the vehicle may promptly destroyed/scrapped be? Why is there a stop on investigation/reporting of the media? What was the secured site on the scene really? Why is lot of paper on the street, but not a Briefcase a? How many witnesses there really? -1 or 3 (according to NEWS “magazine)? What time was the chauffeur of Dr. Haider went now home? There is already proof that Haider has written whom an SMS while driving at 160 km/h? When was the exact time of death of Jorg Haider? Why was announced shortly after the accident, that alcohol as the cause of the accident can be ruled out? Where are the various small holes in the body, especially in the hood? Why know VW after more than a week still always, what material did not cause the hole in the roof, although the investigations have been completed and according to state law, everything should be clarified? (VW:) Concrete pillar’ or steel pipe”) why the firm to these facts in the further development of safety no interest what could so easily punctured the roof of their absolute pass to let VW shows? So why is she claiming osterr. Public Prosecutor’s Office, that there was no reason to publish the investigation report? Why could the witness left the country at a time, when the investigations were not completed? Why made further investigation without the consent of the family with regard to the blood alcohol content? So seems the police no report concerning the use in the city of Chandler”(three suspicious men at night at the door), the obvious spot was there? Was Jorg Haider shot and killed? On all these issues, one sees that very much is a public interest in the investigation of the accident Mr Dr. Jorg Haider. Because the people will no longer be lied to.

It expected answers. Namely, the whole truth and not Lies! And now to the criminalization of trials against those who objectively do deal with this accident. “” Most are outraged, that you as a Nazi “or as extremist” insulted when one asks questions. This insulting statements in the press are a clear violation against human rights and political practice. Every citizen has the right to ask questions and to receive honest and consistent responses, without right to be vilified! “Because otherwise it could happen someday, that these trashy leaves” no longer be bought, because you, not more seriously came in his right to freedom of information will only criminalized when it asks uncomfortable questions. Where are freedom of expression and press freedom, which is guaranteed in the Constitution there? Even if the media now argue that the questions to be pietatos is, the media have shone surely shortly after the death of Mr Haider with impious insults.

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