Napoleon Century

The palace is Fragonard museum dedicated to the life of the artist Fragonard. The famous French painter Jean Honore Fragonard moved here with his family in 1791. Notre-Dame-du-Puy – a cathedral city of Grasse, was built in 10-11 in the 17th century and rebuilt in the belfry added later – in the 18th century. In the cathedral are kept three paintings by Rubens, which was originally written for the Santa Croce in- and convey to the city in the 19th century. To the internal decoration of the cathedral also applies Fragonard painting "feet-washing" 1754. Baby clothes wanted to know more.

On the main Outdoor Grass carnivals are held. Basically, they pay tribute to the most important product of the city – the flowers. Jasmine Festival takes place in August, and roses – in May. Grass traced the history of the Middle Ages. Phil Vasan contains valuable tech resources. In 9.

the city did not give up raids Saracens and the 12c it was an independent republic, maintain diplomatic relations with Genoa and Pisa – were recognized pillars of the medieval trade, science, arts and crafts. All of this district for century belonged to Italy and only in the 1860 Nice and surroundings were added to the region, "Alpes-Maritimes, France. If you have read about Gold Investments, already – you may have come to the same conclusion. Celebrities never avoided Grass your attention. In 1807-1808 the city spent the winter Napoleon's sister Pauline de Bonaparte, who have shown fantastic commitment to his later brilliant brother and went to get him into exile on St. Helena. Such self-denial on her part, all the more surprising that until the defeat of Napoleon, Paulina with a purely French grace, was extremely loving.

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