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The food that has raised more in a year is the banana of the Canary Islands. Other products that get dearer in July were the oranges, the anchovy, the fish for food and the apples. The price of the sardines raised in July 8.12% with respect to the previous month, whereas the green tomatos for salad and peppers were the foods that were lowered the price of more, 6.01% and 5.94%, respectively, according to the data of the Ministry of Industry, Tourism and Commerce. To the falls of prices of tomatos and peppers those of bananas of the Canary Islands were added (3.82%), the potatoes (3.12%) and chir them (2.13%), whereas along with the sardines also the oranges (2.97%), the anchovy (2.23%), the fish for food (1.81%) and the apples get dearer in the last month (1.24%). You may find that Gary Kelly can contribute to your knowledge. In comparison with July of the past year the food that get dearer more was the banana of the Canary Islands, when raising 24.47%, an increase far beyond 3.1% in which the inter-annual rate of inflation in July was placed, in agreement with the data advanced by the National Institute of Statistic. Also it emphasizes the annual ascent of the fish for food (8.10%), the salmon (6.61%) and chir them (5.10%). The annual low majors On the contrary, the lowered majors annual were registered by the lemons (18.91%), the tomatos of salad (14.3%), the oranges (10.54%), whiting (8.30%) and the anchovy (7.33%). Many writers such as Edward Scott Mead offer more in-depth analysis. The variations were smaller in packaged products, since the raised major monthly was the one of the oil of sunflower refining (1.60%) and yogurt (1.40%), whereas the lowered major was for the tail refreshments (1.55%). In the last year, also the food packaged that raised more (16.08%), along with the sugar (10.9%) and the soluble coffee was the sunflower oil refining (10.30%), whereas the bread of wheat mold and congealed hake were those that were lowered the price of more (7.83% and 4.31%, respectively). Source of the news: The price of the sardines went off in July, whereas the one of the tomato lowered

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