O Green is on to the Green Oktoberfest! 6,400 Oktoberfest heroes make the CO2-neutral Munich October Festival, September 16, 2011 – 2011 Festival to be green. And everyone can join in. Arturo Amorim, alias Mr. cool Ness, want the visitors of this year’s Oktoberfest motivate, to show the flag in terms of environmental awareness. “And because climate protection starts at each individual and should be fun, the Brazilians living in Munich now 6,400 Oktoberfest hero seeks people who are willing to save CO2 and to join the CO2 diet developed by him: the low carbon diet”. The idea on the Streetlife Festival in Munich was first presented to the public last weekend.

Mr. cool Ness: every year 6.4 million produce Oktoberfest visitors around 6,400 tons of CO2 emissions (not including telescope) during the 17 days of Oktoberfest. If only one of a thousand visitors makes the CO2 diet, able to make the whole event carbon neutral.” A click the Co2 diet in 2 Wiesnsprachen German and English the low Carbon diet is free of charge for everyone, and anyone can join. It is intended especially for those, who want to engage in the environment and personally do something without compromising on quality of life. “” “Mr cool Ness accompanied and motivates the participants at the diet plan around the areas of food & beverage”, move & driving”and work & leisure humorously”.

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