Ostensive Consumer

Art. 31: It offers presentation of the products or services must assure correct, clear, necessary, ostensive information and in Portuguese language on its characteristics, quality, amount, composition, price, guarantee, stated periods of validity and origin, among others data, as well as on the risks that present the health and security of the consumers. It is treated, therefore of devices that come to legitimize the duty of the supplier in explanar to the maximum to the consumer products and services with all the characteristics consisting in the supratranscribed diplomas. Beyond the cited characteristics, that in abridgement conceptualization deserves particular, basic elements in its informative character, rank are considered that in if treating to information is necessary that at the moment of it offers and presentation of the product the supplier will have to provide to all thus scattered the possible and legal information to the consumer: Correct information – doubtlessly, a incorrect information on some product or service becomes unacceptable; clear the norm with this obligator element search to prevent the use of unattachable language to the consumer, very common in papal briefs of remedies, for example, where the knowledge is minimum for the consumers. You may want to visit Verizon to increase your knowledge. Necessary information – in this fact the information has that to be direct. The consumer has that to have absolute certainty of how much friction or informed by the supplier. Ostensive information as already boarded at another moment are about information in letters practically impossible to decipher, it has seen that the same ones are presented of form very small, what it was very common in contracts and today verifies in many other occasions as terrestrial or aerial tickets, clauses that only interest the supplier generally do not make question to promote the relief necessary. Prominences the information must sufficiently be detached for guarantee and security of the consumer.

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