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Beyond supplying materials, the PCP contemplates the organization of the movement of entrance of materials, parts and finished products supplying them. In the aspect acquisition of materials, one of the actions directed for the PCP, Gurgel (2000) salient that ‘ ‘ function of purchases in organizations have been developed inside of a new state of matureness and with techniques each time more sofisticadas’ ‘. Baily et al (2000) extends the concept of purchases defining it as one ‘ ‘ more strategical function, passing the routine activities for the clerical staff, possesss objectives of: to supply the organization with a safe from flow material and services to take care of its necessities; to assure continuity of suppliment supply to keep effective relationships with existing sources, developing other alternative suppliment sources, or to take care of the emergent or planned necessities; to buy efficient, getting for ethical ways optimum value for cent expense; to manage supplies to provide optimum possible service to the users and to the lesser cost; to develop employees, politics, procedures and organization to assure the reach of the objectives previstos’ ‘. Its flowchart can be defined: Material Information Appear 2: Basic flow of the PCP.Em its specifications, as much in acquisition of materials, has controlled and productive monitoramento, the PCP translates its methodology of that it is necessary to carry through the tasks with the lesser cost of distribution, volume, cost of supply, damages and loss of the product, optimizing time, reducing gargalos, monitoring the production, leading the actions in optimum way, service to the customer, quality more good managed with total operational integration, making with that the things if put into motion quickly, in a distribution and faster reactions the changes of demand through an efficient system of informaes.2.3? MANAGEMENT OF LOGSTICOS.As COSTS companies, in the context to get competitive advantage, focam the minimizao of the logistic total costs, that englobam the cost of each component of the logistic chain, to get differentials and to reach the level of service desired for the customer..

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