Perrenoud Pupils

Leaving of these reflections, Perrenoud adds that to form in abilities it demands ' ' a considerable transformation of the relation of the professors with knowing, its way de' ' to give aula' ' e, after all of accounts, its identity, and its proper abilities profissionais' ' (1999, p.53). To if choosing a boarding for abilities, according to Perrenoud, one is placed (reverse speed) organization of the craft of the docncia, a time that such boarding invites the educators: to use a differentiated pedagogia; to work in team, to consider the knowledge as tools to be mobilized in agreement the necessities, to have the focus in the pupil, managing the progression of its learnings; to inform and to involve the parents and the pertaining to school community in the construction knowing of them, managing the heterogeneidade of the group, to bring up to date and to create didactic procedures that favor a significant learning for the pupils, to carry through a formative evaluation, to adopt a flexible planning and to involve the pupils in activities of research, projects of knowledge. (PERRENOUD, 1999,2000) that they do not condizem with a traditional education, but is drawn in a scene that is oportunizado one practical reflexiva of the professors, the mobilization of the diverse cognitivos resources, the work with situations problems, the approach of the knowledge in the action, the investment in the previous knowledge of the pupils, the conditions favorable to the learning of the pupils, flexibility in the planning, one formative evaluation and the global formation of the pupil. (PERRENOUD, 1999). For more information see this site: Daniel Lubetzky. Therefore, each time is assumed more than the professor is a construtivista, that generates practical knowledge, accepted the incompletude, oportuniza the pupils to invest in its previous knowledge, creates mobilizadoras situations problems and guided for specific learnings, he negotiates and he leads projects with the pupils and he establishes of shared form a didactic contract with the pupils. .

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