Photo Agencies

In pictures today can hardly do without a newspaper, magazine or website. But where are these photos Unlikely that the editors make their own with the camera on the search for the perfect theme that accompanied their article. How, then, that’s going on Most print media employ photo editors, whose job it is to make articles or book pages clearly with appropriate imagery. To this end, they use either photo search systems or to search directly from a photo agency easily search for suitable material. By a corresponding keyword, the system is just as easy as using a search engine. There, they can usually choose between two licensing: Royalty-free (royalty-free, or shortly RF) or licensing (or RM Rights Managed). What is the differenceRoyalty-free photos can be used for example arbitrary, indefinite and several times the cost is only abbhngig on the image size (web, A5, A4 or A3), whereas it is licensed for a picture at amust remain a single use and costs in connection with the purpose of using them are – the operation (eg in a magazine, a brochure or even a photo wallpaper), the condition of the medium, the printed size and possibly many other details such as the location in several countries over a certain period. Sounds pretty complicated, but since these basic data are usually known, so an image can be handled very practical purchase within minutes. As the photographs but are now in a traditional stock agency There are primarily two ways: firstly, is supplied by an agency hired by her photographer, on the other hand it can also build partnerships with other agencies to provide them with images and vice versa. Which picture is now in his own favorite magazine of which agency, which can easily figure out the way: By simply views the magazine turning 90 – most of the agencies involved are in fact expressed at the inner edge.

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