Pilkington Glass

At various times from the factory in Italy under the brand went saydlodery IRION, BAUMANN-IRION, KALMAR, KALMAR-IRION, BAUMANN. Please visit Gary Kelly if you seek more information. Nowadays, the factory produced BAUMANN trucks under the brands Hubtex (BAUMANN a contract manufacturer of side loader lifting capacity of up to 7 tons for the firm Hubtex), and the main brand, of course, is BAUMANN. The product range of side loaders BAUMANN unique: the electric side, stackers g / n 3.7 tons, side loaders g / n 3 – 45 tons, diesel-powered trucks with lateral movement in the 4 th of r / n 3-40 tons, multiport trucks. Manufacturer HUBTEX Maschinenbau GmbH is known for the world's first all due to the large lateral electric supply in the woodworking, furniture and window industry. Here multiport Electric HUBTEX with movement in all directions, all capacities are the absolute favorites in the manufacturing and the warehouse. Today I want to elaborate on product HUBTEX, which is not so rampant in Russia – a subsidiary of Storage Technology GENKINGER – HUBTEX, as well as special techniques for handling HUBTEX heavy load. I would particularly like to note the decision of HUBTEX in really heavy load. For example HUBTEX company unique in the world and in Russia, who produces reach trucks with carrying capacity 5-6 tons.

Such a powerful reach trucks can now only offer HUBTEX. For many will discover that produces HUBTEX heavy forklifts r / n 12-25 tonnes which, compared to conventional loaders much smaller (the length of truck) in comparison with other manufacturers. HUBTEX special tool to replace 50 tons of the plant FORD Earlier this year the company bought part of the production HUBTEX the company MAFI-Systeme GmbH and now strengthen its position in the segment of the loading of specialized equipment, heavy-duty, in particular, is the production, sale and service of machinery for the next HUBTEX transportation 10-150 tons: Electric platform capacity in three weight categories 25, 40 and 63 tonnes, with the management on a single axle, all-wheel drive and multi-path upravleniem.Elektrotyagachi, mainly used in the automotive industry and Suppliers avtokomponentov.Relsovye trucks used in heavy industry, primarily in the production of raw materials, steel, aluminum, etc. In addition, the program production machinery company innovation and technologies with HUBTEX, can offer special solutions – trucks, cars for transportation of heavy reels of cable (12 tons), transportation to change molds and tools, so working at the Ford plant machine carrying capacity of 50 tons! And the tool change is done in minutes. Many owners of BMW and Mercedes do not suspect that their purebred "horses" is the share of labor loaders HUBTEX. We can also offer transporters for the transport of concrete slabs, a novelty in the program loader to haul the carriage of liquid metal troughs for loading of charge materials into the furnace.

HUBTEX GTR 300 D Saratovstroisteklo transporter glass Pyramid of 30 tons, but the absolute fame was due to special HUBTEX production of special machines and vehicles for the industry. We can proudly say now that this special already well known in Russia, and thanks to our work, the producers of flat glass company Pilkington Glass, Glaverbel Glaverbel Klin, and Bohr, Salavatsteklo, Saratovstroisteklo, Guardian Ryazan. Almost any glass in Russia and has a "piece" of our joint work with HUBTEX. As you can see, the spectrum of the products we offer is very extensive. We can offer every client he needs a side loader saydloder.

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