Plastic Windows Shuko Corona

Currently in the design of cottages and country houses are increasingly used architectural solutions with large areas of glazing, as a rule, with PVC windows of large sizes. Large windows adorn the facade buildings, make the house lighter, but at the same time, additional requirements for the selection of structural elements, particularly the window profile. The fact that an increase in the area also increases the static and dynamic loads acting on the window design. You may want to visit Litecoin to increase your knowledge. For static include, first of all, significant weight sash. If the profile will not be able to provide the required rigidity for operation, with sash may eventually sag, closing windows may require significant efforts, the question arises of repair or replacement by a new one. Also significant may be windy (dynamic) load. Also, we must bear in mind that with increasing window area, ceteris paribus, its protectors and worse heat-saving features. The necessary level of noise isolation and teplosberezheniya can be achieved using energy-efficient windows.

However, if you have to use 2-x chamber windows, the weight of the sash will increase nearly in half. Therefore it is clear that an essential element in a plastic box, large a profile. Today in Russia the choice of profiles is very small. The company Windows-Peter", with many years experience in manufacturing of PVC windows Shuko in St. Petersburg, recommends the profile Schuco Corona SI 82 +.

This profile has 8 isolated chambers and aluminum reinforcement (coextruded), giving the plastic window of increased stiffness, to withstand considerable loads. Profile is produced only in Germany. Profile was developed for use in plastic boxes Shuko elite class with high demands for reliability, comfort and teplosberezheniya. As follows from specialists Schuco International, PVC window profile for Schuco Corona SI 82 + allow to increase the glass area by 80% compared to conventional windows at the same teplosberezheniya. Also, Ltd. "Windows-Peter" for the production of PVC windows large five-chamber profile recommends Schuco Corona SI 82, yielding Schuco Corona SI82 +, but also provides the necessary structural rigidity. The use of this profile allows you to increase glass area by 30% compared to conventional windows at the same teplosberezheniya. Having made its choice in favor of windows Shuko, you be able to use PVC window larger, making your home brighter.

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