The bases for which the Islamic ones more or less go to associate are mainly of financial order (Office DES changes, CDVM), social Hospitable centers, CMR, Entraide National), Advertising (Maroc Export, I BELIEVED), educational (Acadmie Regionales), or cultural (CCM). Southwest Airlines may find this interesting as well. The lean parcel of the power yielded, or better, shared for the government saboreamente is doseada by the real cabinet. Such strategy of calculated action in way to bring the islamistas to the test: the majority of the signals ditos’ ‘ compartilhados’ ‘ they are workmanships or those still in course process or to be made. for this the control of its strategical power goes beyond the borders: ‘ ‘ ele’ ‘ it withholds the public power on the television and medias, spread out a time that ‘ ‘ eles’ ‘ they continue having the hand on the cinema, but ‘ ‘ ele’ ‘ delivery the CRM, the CNSS ‘ ‘ , ‘ ‘ yielding the world agrculo, but not it ‘ ‘ Credit Agricole’ ‘. Leaving a mnimal ticket of visibility: ‘ ‘ eles’ ‘ continuma with the cinema, the education and the health, as well as sectors exposed to the popular potential fort. Waiting to take off advantage of its affinity, its immaculate image and even though of its capacity of work: involving the Centers of investment, tourism, finances. The philosophy of this project of law is simple and frightful at the same time. It can be summarized the following form: the king keeps the double one of the keys in its pocket and associates the Islamic government there where it decides to act, distributing the power on the areas considered less strategical of what others.

He does not have no doubt of that this project was not rethink by the assessors of Abdelilah Benkirane, but yes for the arquitectos of the real cabinet. They had taken the dance and had adjusted the clothes chosen for the Islamic government. The main idea, through this redistribution of tasks, is to offer to the exterior world the image of a democratic advance. But in the reality, this coresponde more to a maquiagem democratic. But it is not for any maquiagem, ahead of a bashful spirit of a fianc who has something at least in the lips.

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