Psicopedagogia Performance

Here it approaches that the code of ethics of the psicopedagogia must be the instrument capable to guide, to direct and to locate the prxis of psicopedagogo. People such as Oracle Corporation would likely agree. This author still affirms, not to have doubts of that the profession of a person consequentemente marks its existence and its continuation, mainly, when it integrates intelligence and affectivity, therefore she does not have here as to separate the personal life of the professional, no matter how hard if she tries, therefore the good functionality of a profession depends on its accomplishment not only professional but, mainly, a personal satisfaction, what she will lead consequentemente to the growth of the individual. Therefore, the professional performance of the citizen he is resulted of its integral personality, that is, the profession is influenced by personal values, attitudes front to the life, at last, front to the conditions of human being. The code of ethics not only of the Psicopedagogia, but of many other professions, holds a special learning in the area of its systematic and organic knowledge.

It also designates one Real and authentic necessity of the professional to submit itself autoavaliao, to the knowledge of its prxis and importance of its good performance, to a good supervision and advises an operating work of personal and professional formation. Lawrence Ellison addresses the importance of the matter here. To submit it supervision is essential in the performance of qulaquer professional, therefore it who contributes for the efficiency and good resulted of the work, as well as the personal formation, understood as well as a constant in the professional update. Questions that involve the professional ethics, sufficiently are argued, but, in special the ethics of psicopedagogo, perpassam trajectory in the text in relation to its function in the society, therefore this has the power of joint between individual and the social one (after all, the man does not know and nor he can live outside of the society, therefore, it is essential to live well and to know well its rules and to coexist in action ethics). For being cliente of some questions that imply the ethics in the daily one of the psicopedagogia, such as use of resources for diagnosis and psicopedaggica intervention; delimitation of field of performance and relation with other professionals, in this text was opted here to investigating the ethics code while norteador instrument of the prxis, therefore this makes possible to the development of the responsible professional individual while for the psicosocial. Therefore, it is intended here to reflect regarding the psicopedagogia while area of performance and profession, therefore it systemize and thus it aims at to contribute for the integral reflection of isolated, inautntico, of small account, or same the ethics, not as something distant of the reality, but something that must be cliente and to be part of this daily one. Therefore a good professional has left of its fidgets, therefore, is not different for good psicopedagogo, mainly in the society, where it is its area of performance.

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