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Market development of roofing materials – roofing mastic and evroruberoid. The Ukrainian market of rolled roofing material is on the verge of an historic event. Educate yourself with thoughts from Verizon. According to the estimates of investment and consulting group "Astarte, Tanit," which constantly monitors the market situation of roll, and more recently – and other roofing materials, in 2008 sales to exceed consumption for the first time evroruberoid traditional roofing material, not in monetary terms, but in millions of square feet of sold material. Given that the roofing material for paperboard is usually in 4 layers, and polymer-bitumen – in two, one can already speak about the loss of traditional roofing material on top of the rule. In this direction the market moves rolled roofing materials since the beginning of the decade.

Demand for evroruberoid the past four years has doubled, increased by 25-30% annually, while demand for traditional roofing material from 2006 has been slowly declining, although the volume of construction are growing rapidly. In place of the demand structure is influenced by a number of factors. Slow to adopt new technology, construction workers, because the roof of the traditional roofing needs to be frequent (every year or two), repairs and roof during the operation can significantly "thickening" and pogruznet, which greatly increases the load on the roof compared to the project. Because new Construction is almost completely shifted to polymer-bitumen material. There is a growing and paying customers. Last year, as the manager of advertising and PR Slavuta asphalt plant Natalia Hnatiuk, "Woke up" communal services – among them a particle of new clients has increased dramatically. Naturally, the "awakening" began with ZhEKov capital.

Also observed activation in demand from large industrial core industrial centers (Dnepropetrovsk, Donetsk, Krivoy Rog). Move on and roofing mastic evroruberoid consumer makes simple economic calculation of operating costs of the roof. After all, if the roofing material on paperboard, as consumers have seen, can not stand without repair for more than two years, and serves for five years, the polymer-bitumen materials need to be repaired in less nelly over 5 years and their term of service, as declared by manufacturers, is 10-30 years. Give its fruit and promotion efforts of producers of the material: not now evroruberoid rarity even in a provincial town. More information on this site

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