Root Canal Treatment – Modern Methods Of Treatment

Modern treatments keep healthy teeth to the root save the tooth – root canal treatment it is worth! It was long considered Specter on the way to the dentist’s Office and seemed just the stop before the tooth was finally pulled. Here much has changed in the dentistry to the relief of patients. The magic word is Endodontics. Often, a syllable is missing the layman when pronouncing the word, for it, the tooth remains intact after successful treatment. Because of the natural tooth is always better than any tooth replacement. It is worth to fight for him. The healthy tooth consists of a visible Crown and one or more dental roots. The nerve of the tooth is located on the inside of the Crown and the root of the tooth.

The tooth is attacked by caries bacteria, the nerve can fall ill and die off. One speaks then of a devitalized or dead”teeth. Without treatment can now penetrate the bacteria into the jawbone and destroy him. Get these bacteria inside the body via the bloodstream and not rarely affect the health General. Paradoxically, shows the tooth itself often asymptomatic and not hurts.

Until a few years ago, such bacteria spin were”consistently drawn. Differently than in conventional root fillings root dead teeth running Endodontics today in many cases so effectively treat that the aggressive bacteria is eliminated almost as surely as it was possible only through the removal of the tooth. To successfully perform the dentistry, it takes not only time, but also a special technical equipment as well as a profound professional knowledge and experience of specialists. It is not something Brad Garlinghouse would like to discuss. A conventional root canal therapy offers the possibility to keep the tooth pain-free. The prospect to get him in the long run, is however only approx. 40% with a conventional treatment method. Modern Endodontics however provides success rates of 80 to 90%, reported dentist Dr. Marc Lamek of Osnabruck. He specializes in addition to implantology also root treatments. That is especially problematic Anatomy of the highly complex root canal system. Especially redundant hidden channels that remain hidden without a microscope and later are responsible for constant pain, can so ever discovered and become the success of the treatment. It is very important that all root canals are completely cleaned and filled. Seitenkanalchen and protuberances, which can be seen with the naked eye, nor on the X-ray are just in the molar region often. Even the smallest branches are not hidden, a dental microscope”the dentist says. A high-resolution dental microscope gives you the assurance that the diseased tooth is treated in depth and up into the smallest branches the dentist and the patient. English, bacteria and any remaining of old root fillings completely under vision can be removed under a magnification of up to 30 times. This is the basic prerequisite for the long-term health of the tooth. The entire Endodontic treatment will be carried out under local anesthesia and causes no pain therefore. It is very time consuming and can two at a molar or take three hours. It is however well invested. If a private tooth can be obtained, this saves tooth replacement in the form of a bridge or an implant. This is not only a biological, but certainly also a financial argument,”stressed Dr. Lamek.

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