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Handcrafted, modern, timeless images wall pictures in large format are modern pictures in different styles that make up the special eye-catcher in every room. Now, the shop offers even more choice for modern pictures in large format for handmade wall pictures in XXL format. These can be ordered online at. There wall pictures in large format on request as a special design. Modern images dynamically and individually belong in the large format of modern images in the style of splash and asymmetry-style to the category modern pictures in large format. The hand-crafted murals in the splash style have a structure depth, which can be reached by multiple throwing up high-quality acrylic paint.

Color transitions are picked up from the background with the raised splashes of colour. This creates a dynamic and vibrant effect of motives. One of the murals in the style of the splash is the handmade wall painting erupted contrast with a size of 150 x 70 cm. The three-piece mural in the large format is made of beige, Brown and red. The Surface was primed before applying the high-quality acrylic paints. The splash of dark brown, red and white picks up the motif of the background colors. The background, which was applied by means of a bison and with dark brown becoming ever brighter in the left pane runs over light brown and red to white in the right pane, makes the base motif.

The dynamics due to accented colours of the splashes of color. More modern images in large size, which have a dynamic and vibrant effect, are images in the style of asymmetry. With its size and the motive game, these murals are staggered screens, which reunited with the symmetrical motif to an harmonic accent to a special eye-catcher. Small and playful details in the designs bring the dynamics, which ensures that modern paintings in the style of asymmetry remain always a focal point in the room. The online shop for wall pictures in XXL format on now offers modern – timeless, modern and handmade modern images. The shop offers handmade, timeless, modern Images and also now an even bigger selection of wall pictures in XXL format. With dimensions of up to 250 centimeters in width, the wall pictures in large format on wooden frame are excited, immediately ready to hang and always a special eye-catcher in every room. The most popular motifs in the category modern pictures in large format include pictures in the splash – and asymmetry-style. Contact: wall pictures XXL bark and Rose GbR Antje bark and Christian rose email: mail at Web: Albert-Einstein-Strasse 1-3 14473 Potsdam phone: + 49 (0) 331 704 93 92

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